National Security Agency – NSA is known for all the wrong reasons around the world. For invading privacy, hacking in to government institutes and listening to the public phone calls.

Previously, there were reports that NSA was used to hack Pakistani Telcos and spy on common people, but now the new reveals give undeniable proof that it was indeed happening.

ShadowBrokers — a hackers’ group that previously published tools, hacks and other exploits that NSA had used to infiltrate networks and governments across the world — leaked a new dump that has information about more ways through which NSA was accessing mobile companies, private and public networks in various countries.

Initial leaks reveal the step by step guide of how NSA used to gain access to Pakistan’s one of the most used network, Mobilink.

Leaks shows that NSA had access — around 2006 — to call detail record of any Mobilink user and also that how many SIMs had been used on a single handset. And NSA operators were able to get alerts whenever a new call was made. They were also able to clear any access records or logs to wipe out traces.

This particular method was made possible only after NSA exploited Solaris operating system, which was otherwise considered very solid and hack-proof.

As security researchers are in process of decrypting more leaked data, it is likely that the guides of hacking other Pakistani telcos and ISPs will also be revealed.

And if anyone of you is wondering that after this leak, NSA will stop hacking in to your privacy or government is going to do something, then you should know that it’s never happening.

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