The 32-bit operating system continues its journey into obsolescence. Recently, NVIDIA announced that Version 390 of its graphics card driver would be the last to support 32-bit Windows, Linux and FreeBSD systems.

In a FAQ posted on NVIDIA Support page, the company said, “After Release 390, NVIDIA will no longer release drivers for 32-bit operating systems for any GPU architecture. Later driver release versions will not operate, nor install, on 32-bit operating systems. Driver enhancements, driver optimizations, and operating system features in driver versions after Release 390 will not be incorporated back into Release 390 or earlier versions.”

This impacts the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
Microsoft Windows 10

While the 64-bit systems have become the norm, there are still people and organizations that are still using legacy machines, maybe because they have to run 16-bit or 32-bit applications that 64-bit systems don’t support.

If you’re one of those who run a 32-bit system and use NVIDIA graphics drivers, it probably time to start looking to upgrade your operating system. People aren’t used to ‘change,’ but it is better than all the security issues that pop up using old technology.

Via: Engadget