Finally, rumors can rest; Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now official, and will go on sale on April 21.

Image Credits: TheNextWeb

Not so good at keeping secrets; Samsung’s Galaxy S8 nearly has all the major rumored features. Just look at the specs:

◘ 5.8/6.2-inch curved Super AMOLED screens
◘ ~2:1 aspect ratio (2960×1440)
◘ HDR 10 support
◘ Bixby voice assistant
◘ Snapdragon 835 – equivalent Exynos
◘ 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage
◘ 12 MP F1.7 OIS Rear Camera
◘ 8 MP F1.7 AF Front facing camera
◘ Iris scanner
◘ Android 7.0
◘ Dual Bluetooth audio
◘ USB-C port with Quick Charge 4 support
◘ 3,000/3,500 mAh battery
◘ IP68 weather resistance
◘ ‘DeX’ desktop dock
◘ Headphone jack

Image Credits: TheNextWeb

The Galaxy S8 is gorgeous and comes with sheer style. And both sets make a stunning first impression.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a new button dedicated to Samsung’s new voice assistant ‘Bixby’. Samsung says it ultimately wants Bixby to perform tasks you could normally only do with touch, not just set alarms and reminders.

samsung galaxy s8
Image Credits: TheNextWeb

Despite offering its own assistant, Samsung hasn’t removed the Google Assistant, so you can still just long-press the virtual home button to access it.

Galaxy S8 is pretty much identical to the S7 but 6.5 mm taller, making upper UI elements harder to reach with one hand. But it does offer the ‘one-handed mode’, which makes the tall screen a lot easier to use. Samsung now lets you activate it by simply swiping up from a corner of the display.

The Galaxy S8 will be selling like hotcakes, as it is almost better than anything out there, and makes an excellent first impression.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ start tomorrow March 30.

All the image credits goes to: TheNextWeb