The latest mis-step from yet another tech company was from OnePlus, when a software engineer discovered that OxygenOS was sending massive amounts of analytics data to the company. Some of the information being sent to the company’s servers included the IMEI number, the phone number, MAC addresses, mobile network names, the device’s serial number, and every app that was ever opened.

Following huge criticism, OnePlus that OnePlus is taking quick steps to make changes to its data collection policy. Carl Pei, co-founder OnePlus, has told customers that his firm will both limit the data it collects from OxygenOS phones and make it clear what you’re sending OnePlus’ way.

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“By the end of October, all OnePlus phones running OxygenOS will have a prompt in the setup wizard that asks users if they want to join our user experience program. The setup wizard will clearly indicate that the program collects usage analytics,” Pei said.

“In addition, we will include a terms of service agreement that further explains our analytics collection. We would also like to share we will no longer be collecting telephone numbers, MAC Addresses and WiFi information.”

Pei also said that the company isn’t sharing the data with third parties. And the analytics are collected to understand and improve users’ experience. However, it remains true that OnePlus was collecting personal info without making it clear to its users what was taking place.

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