opera 50 cryptojacking

More and more websites are choosing to monetize their platform via in-browser cryptocurrency mining. Instead of series of adverts here and there, such sites take advantage of the user’s CPU power to create valuable digital coins.

This is called “cryptojacking,” and it effects users in many ways as their machines become inexplicably sluggish and most of the times they don’t even know what’s happening.

To protect its users, Opera has now introduced built-in protections against cryptojacking in the latest version of its browser. Opera 50 uses the No Coin list, which is updated regularly as new mining scripts emerge.

In a statement, Krystian Kolondra, head of Desktop Browser at Opera, said:

“We are fans of cryptocurrencies but we simply don’t accept that websites are using people’s computers to mine coins without their knowledge or consent. With the new Opera 50, we want to kick off 2018 by providing people a simple way to regain control of their computers.”

To activate the protection, turn on the browser’s built-in adblocker in preferences. And if you wish to view adverts but want to protect yourself against cryptojacking, tick the “No Coin” box.

The Opera’s feature has come at a very right time as Cryptojacking has started to be worrying trend. A study from AdGuard published in November 2017 found that 33,000 sites used crypto-coin mining scripts and estimates that these sites reach as many as one billion people each month.

Opera 50 is available to download, starting today.

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