Pixel 2 problems seem to be increasing after one another in recent days. After the display issues and some weird clicking noises, next up are the audio issues while recording a video. Specifically, people are reporting issues with the Pixel 2 XL’s sound quality.

Android Police’s Artem put together an example to demonstrate the issue, and it’s a complete mess.

The reason behind the issue is yet to be determined, but there is a thread on Google’s support forums for it. According to AP, loud sounds are being recorded fine, but quieter background noises are having some sort of problem.

First the issue was reported with the larger sibling of the Pixel 2 only, but it looks like the Pixel 2 may have the same problem. Below are the examples showing off some of the audio issues in a video.

Ryne Hager at AP reports that they have spoken to a Google representative who confirmed the issue and also said that a fix is incoming, which should be rolling out in the coming weeks.

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