Qualcomm’s dream of introducing the 5G to the world took a few steps closer to reality, as the company has announced the completion of its first 5G connection test on a mobile device.

The test was conducted using the company’s X50 5G modem and was performed on the 28GHz millimeter wave frequency band. Qualcomm says the modem achieved a full gigabit speed, and once the full 5G deployments are completed, 5Gbps speeds will be achieved.

Qualcomm 5G smartphone reference design.

Alongside the test, the company also announced its first 5G smartphone reference design, which is 9mm thick and features an edge-to-edge display. Qualcomm will use the design to test 5G modems, radios, and networks over the next couple years with the smartphone makers.

In addition, Qualcomm has announced a series of components for device manufacturers to support T-Mobile’s new 600MHz spectrum. Currently, LG V30 is only smartphone that can take advantage of the new spectrum. Qualcomm further expects more phones to support the spectrum before the end of this year.

Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem for mobile devices.

Last but not least, Qualcomm announced the successor to Snapdragon 630, the Snapdragon 636 for midrange smartphones. The new chip is 14nm and supports ultra-wide FHD+ displays, 600Mbps LTE connections, and up to 24-megapixel cameras. According to the company, the new chip will start shipping to the customers in November.

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