A decade after its founding, Reddit, the front page of the internet, is getting a new user interface. The popular news discussion forum is one the greatest communities on the internet. But, its user interface is a bit old, and Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is committed to addressing that.

While giving an interview to the VentureBeat, Huffman compared Reddit to a restaurant with great food, but long lines and poor service. He believes that the site needs a redesign in order to grow much further.

“Reddit did not succeed because it has a shitty UI,” Huffman said. “Reddit succeeded despite having a shitty UI.”

Huffman promised that the “core mechanic” of Reddit will stay the same. And while we don’t know the details of the new design, it is likely that it will take cues from the site’s mobile apps.

The key goal of the new UI will be to increase user conversion, As Huffman noted that the site had 3-9 million new users every day who visit once and then never come back.

“For example, new users never go to communities because they don’t know communities exist. They don’t read comments because they don’t know comments exist. There’s a cohort of new users that are lost,” he concluded.