road redemption road rash
Road Redemption.

Still remember Road Rash? The classic 90s bike racing game is coming back to a computer near you in a new avatar, with a new name and its trailer looks freaking awesome.

Named Road Redemption, the new version of the game looks super cool and has got some superb graphics — which means the bikes are no longer pixellated blobs flying down the screen. It’s now more realistic with some new modes to defeat the opposite players.

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Classic Road Rash – 90s game.

What’s new?

Road Redemption offers some old classic features of the game, including some new modes. Players will earn money by completing races, assassinations and other challenges in their path. And that’s how they will be able to upgrade their character, bike, and the weapons.

This version will boast a story mode as well. As the newest recruit in the gang, you’ll need to race, fight and hustle your way through the ranks to survive.

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