When Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus earlier this year, it also introduced it virtual voice assistant, Bixby. But the presence of a dedicated physical button for Bixby has annoyed some users. And finally, in a new update, you can finally disable the button, but still can’t point it to another app.

There are two parts to Bixby — Bixby Home and the Bixby Voice. Whenever the physical button is pressed, Bixby Home appears. After the update, a new toggle is available under the settings at the top of Bixby home. When turned off, Bixby Home no longer pop up when the button is tapped.

As for the Bixby Voice, it can be shut off in the settings as well, so the button becomes completely inactive.

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Image: Android Police

After turning it off, if you want the Bixby Home back anytime in future and you still have Bixby Voice turned on, here is what you can do: press and hold the button to trigger Bixby on top of your screen. From there, you can go full screen and access your Bixby settings to turn Bixby Home back.

For those who have also turned off their Bixby Voice, they can access the Bixby settings by going into main system settings > Apps > Bixby Home > Mobile Data > View app settings and turn it back on.

Via Android Police