Samsung is upping their game. In an attempt to make Apple users switch to the Samsung, the company has a new program for users from South Korea, giving iPhone users the opportunity to test the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy Note 8 for a month.

Galaxy Experience Program, or dubbed “Upgrade to Galaxy” enables iPhone users in South Korea to experience the galaxy smartphones by applying online between November 21 to 27. The program will then select 10,000 people from the registered ones.

Galaxy Experience Program

Selected users will able to collect their device from a Samsung Digital Plaza store between December 1st-11th. On a side note, Apple’s iPhone X launches in South Korea on December 3rd. Interesting timing, Samsung.

Though, those participating in the trial have to pay a small fee, around $45, but this is refunded for customers who choose to buy the device at the end of the program. And as an added bonus, Samsung will also offer discounts on Bluetooth speakers and other official accessories to those who switch to a Galaxy device.