Past week or so, the news has been filled with the problems people are facing with their Pixel 2 and 2 XL, but turns out, Google isn’t the only company with issues on its flagships. According to the reports gathered from Samsung Community, some of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 units are freezing when the contacts app is opened.

According to thread posted on the official Samsung US Community platform, many variants of the Note8 users are facing this problem. Below is a list of what is causing Note8s, based on the data collected from forum post:

→ Using speed dial
→ Making calls from Contacts
→ Opening contacts
→ Opening contacts in the Messages
→ Using apps like Pokémon GO, Chrome
→ Overnight charging
→ Opening Contacts while texting
→ Or even while just making a phone call

It’s pretty clear the Contacts app is the actual culprit causing the issue. And when these Note8 devices freeze, only one thing gets them back to normal: a force restart.

Device owners have claimed that they have tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling apps, and even factory resets, but to no avail.

Samsung hasn’t said anything on the matter yet.