Samsung has just got a patent approved for a ‘graphene ball’ invention that might be revolutionize the smartphone batteries. Developed by the Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology, graphene batteries promise extremely high volumetric energy density, and reportedly last 45% more than their current-gen counterparts.

Aside from longer life, the new graphene balls also allow li-ion batteries to charge up to 5 times faster than before. Means in 12 minutes, a graphene ball li-ion battery will charge as much as a regular li-ion battery does in an hour.

Lastly, according to the patent, the graphene ball batteries are capable of working around 60 degrees Celsius temperature, which also makes them a future candidate for electric cars.

Even though the invention sounds very promising, there’s no way of knowing if Samsung will be willing to implement this in any of its upcoming devices, lets say the Galaxy S9 or the Note 9. But here’s to hoping that someday, in near future, we will get our hands on devices with exceptional batteries.

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