galaxy s8 tinted screens
Credit: Konazzang via Instagram

Following complaints from early customers claiming their Galaxy S8 handsets are affected by a red tint on the screen, Samsung has planned a software update that will supposedly solve the issue.

Speaking to South Korean outlet The Investor, a company official said the tech giant will refrain from revealing a “specific date yet, but the update will occur next week at the latest.”

“To keep the red screen issue from getting out of control, Samsung has made the decision to release the software solution as soon as possible to optimize the color balance of the screen,” an industry source said.

“The company has already notified its nationwide customer service centers that it will release the software for fine-tuning the color balance,” the official added.

In any case, if the software update fails to eliminate the problem, then Samsung will proceed to replace affected devices with new handsets.

The Investor also spoke to several experts to discuss the issue. While few suggested a software update could correct the color, most remain skeptical this is a hardware-related porblem, and might not get solved via a software update.

Commenting on fixing the reddish screens, a plant employee said that:

“It would be difficult to correct the problem with a software update because it is likely to be related to chronic manufacturing problems involving the uneven appliance of pixels. This has been a thorny issue for a while now, and unless this is solved, an update will only be a stopgap measure.”

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