Dr. Philip Nitschke – who was the first doctor to legally administer a deadly Euthanasia injection to one of his patients – has come up with a literal death machine to offer a way to the people to peacefully slip out of existence.

Named Sarco, the machine is a 3D-printed euthanasia tool made for one sole purpose; to kill whomever steps inside. The machine puts the power into the hands of those that enter it, allowing each person the freedom to choose to die.

sarco death machine

Sarco accomplishes its purpose by filling the interior with liquid nitrogen. Dr. Nitschke says that sixty seconds later the person inside begin to feel disoriented — like they’ve had a few too many drinks. After a few minutes they lose consciousness, and within five minutes, they’re gone.

Those who choose to sit inside can stop the process at any time. It’s also up to them whether they want to black out their view, or look outside through the windows as their life fades away.

Nitschke, though explains that Sarco’s creation is about recognizing suicide is a choice, and one that should be available to anyone of sound mind. He further hopes machine to provides a peaceful option to those with terminal diagnoses, chronic and debilitating pain.

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