In December 2016, Instagram gave its users the ability to live-stream video using Instagram Stories. This let people interact with their followers in a new and exciting way. But unfortunately, live videos disappeared as soon as a broadcast ended, with users unable to save them. Until now.

In a new minor but exciting update, Instagram now lets users save their live video after they’ve finished broadcasting to the world. And this feature brings Instagram up to par with both Periscope and Facebook Live.

How to Save Live Instagram Videos

In its latest App update, Instagram v10.12 is adding the ability for users to save their live videos. To save your live video after you’ve finished broadcasting, just click Save in the top-right-hand corner of the screen. After saving, click Done. The video will then disappear from the Instagram app, but be saved to the camera roll on your phone.

Although the live videos will not be saved by default, and only the person broadcasting will have the option to save it. This means you have to remember to save it as soon as you finish broadcasting or that particular video will be lost forever.

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