Google is improving its search engine day after day. In its updated Google Search app, Google lets you search queries even if you are offline. This is especially for people with a bad internet connection and those that have unreliable mobile data connections.

Search queries can now be saved offline, in-case of no internet connection – and users will be notified about them once the connection is restored.

Google Offline Search – How It Works?

When you are searching for something and the connection fails or there isn’t one in the first place, the app will save the query for later, waiting for you to get an internet connection.

As soon your internet gets connected again, the app will search the query you previously entered, all by itself, then will then let you now via a notification that the search result is ready.

You can also stack up multiple search queries and the app will store all of them. It will then search all of them when provided with an internet connection and you can view them one by one.