People of southern California today witnessed something spectacular in the sky. It was a glowing cloud and it wasn’t some UFO either. In truth, those were the trails left by a SpaceX launch in the last hour from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara, CA.

In a social media post, Elon Musk, the SpaceX’s founder and the CEO, described the trail as a ‘Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea’.

Keeping in mind the famous conspiracy theories, the Los Angeles Fire Department issued an advisory that the “mysterious light in the sky” was from the rocket launch.

Jimmy Golen, sports writer for The Associated Press in Boston said he and other tourists saw the long, glowing contrail while touring Warner Bros. Studio in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank.

It was the 18th and the final launch of year for SpaceX, which has contracted to replace Iridium’s system with 75 updated satellites.

SpaceX has made four launches and expects to make several more to complete the job in next year. The satellites also carry payloads for global aircraft tracking and a ship- tracking service.

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