Who doesn’t want a full charged battery in their phones? That’s why people don’t hesitate to use public ports to charge their mobile phones. But according to a research, The charging outlets present in public places can hack your phone data when plugged in.

Cyber criminals are finding advanced techniques to access users’ data and the attack through public charging outlets is one of them, which is called “Juice jacking”.

Drew Paik of security firm Authentic8 told CNN,

Just by plugging your phone into a power strip or charger, your device is now infected, and that compromises all your data.

The smartphones these days have chargers like USB ports that are also used to send/receive data to/from a phone or a PC. If any such port is compromised, there’s no limit to what information a hacker could take including emails, contacts, photos or videos.

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Juice Jacking is a term used to describe a cyber attack that involves installing a malware in to a smartphone, tablet or other computer device using the charging port.

80% people don’t hesitate to use public charging ports without even thinking about the security concerns they might be facing while doing so.

What should you do then?

◘ Carry your own charger with you.
◘ Instead of using USB ports, use a portable USB battery pack.