Super Mario is a game that is loved by all, and after the release of Super Mario Run, it broke records of downloads. The latest version of the game has been released for iOS, but there is no version for Android yet.

super mario run

When Super Mario Run was released, millions of users downloaded it, and with Android users in abundance, it wasn’t surprising that they also tried to get the game. But the bad news is that all those games for android are malwares and users should avoid downloading it.

Here’s the percentage of users who have downloaded fake Super Mario game apps on their Android devices:

Indonesia 41%, India 33%, Mexico 8%, Japan 4%, Philippines 3%, United States 2% and others 9%.

Malicious Super Mario versions have been around since 2012, but with the news that the android version will be released in 2017, the numbers of such apps have doubled in attempt to harm users.

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It is recommended that you avoid downloading any app from third-party stores and only rely upon official stores such as Google Play Store. Also on your android device, click onto Settings and un-check the “Unknown Sources” box if it is turned on.