Telegram, which claims to be most secure and encrypted social app out there has released its version 4.2. The new version came along with its source code and some new exciting features, including completely redesigned photo editing tools and a self-destruct timer for any photos or videos.

Here’s the complete change-log of the updates:

→ Self-destructing photos and videos to any one-on-one chats.
→ Improved photo editor to edit photos even quicker.
→ Information/bio to the users’ profile.
CDN caching; increases the download speed.
→ “UP” button in the sticker panel to expand the menu to full screen.

Telegram’s self-destruct is a feature that is already available in many other social apps. Here in this app, the feature can be customized to your liking if you choose to use it. Self-destruct timer starts as soon as the recipient opens the photo or video. Plus, you’ll get notified if the recipient takes a screenshot of that media.

Telegram 4.2.

With its version 4.2, Telegram will now rely on a content delivery network (CDN) to cache public photos and videos posted in large channels, which will result in higher download speeds for the millions of users.

Other than two of the above important features, users will now be also set a bio in their profile to help people in groups know a little about who they’re talking to. And the sticker menu can now also be expanded for the users to see more options at once.

Telegram 4.2 is available right now for Android and iOS.

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