Netflix is ditching its old and forever used five-star ratings on its network with thumbs-up/thumbs-down. The company hopes that offering a binary system will encourage more people to rate the content they watch. And more ratings means more data to help recommend content.

With so many movies and TV shows on offer, Netflix needs to know what’s hot and what’s viewers like the most in order to help them decide what to watch next. And now, in an effort to do better, Netflix is ditching ratings in favor of thumbs.

Ditching The Ratings

Up to now, Netflix always used a star rating to all the content. After watching a movie or TV show, viewers were asked to rate it out of five. That rating not only affects what shows Netflix recommends to you, but its overall rating across the whole platform.

Netflix tested the beta thumbs-up/thumbs-down in 2016, with the result being a 200% increase in ratings – Netflix is now rolling out the new system worldwide, by the end of April 2017.

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The new system doesn’t mean Netflix will promote every content given a thumbs-up to all its users while pushing content given a thumbs-down out of the door. Instead, the company will employ a percent-match feature – that will match specific content to specific users.