Every person that uses a personal computer needs a file compression software. Many downloaded files these days come in compressed form because those are small in size and easy to use. While the Windows includes basic functionality to zip and unzip files, but it’s extremely limited.

Other than the most commonly used WinRAR, these are the other three file compression tools that a user can use.


7-Zip is a powerful compression utility. It’s a household name of open-source software, works on every version of Windows since 2000, and it’s completely free for home or business use with no registration required. It’s available in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, and clocks in at a tiny 1 MB, making it a lightweight application.

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While 7-Zip is a classic favorite and on of the most used tool, PeaZip might be the other best option for most users. It’s not as small in size as 7-Zip.

PeaZip features a clean interface. Language is also much friendlier than 7-Zip, letting the user pick between “best compression” and “no extraction software needed by the user” instead of confusing file formats.

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Zipware is a great choice for those who prefer to keep everything simple. It is very easy to use as you can start using it without any setup. Its large buttons are easy to understand and present the majority of functions the average user needs in one bar.

Screenshot via: MakeUseOf

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On thing that should be noticed that all of these programs are free of cost and you don’t have to pay even a single penny. While plenty of software tools are worth paying for, compression utilities aren’t one of them. Any of the three above tools will take care of 99% of users’ compression needs.