toyota e palette

Toyota, at the CES, showed off a new take on the self-driving mobility concept.

Speaking at the keynote, company president Akio Toyoda revealed the “e-Palette,” an electric, self-driving pod-like vehicle that’ll act as an open platform for ride-sharing, retail, delivery, or anything a business can think of.

“It is an open, flexible platform easily adapted to suit a range of uses, including ride-sharing, delivery and retail,” Toyoda said. “Today you have to travel to the store. In the future, the store will travel to you.”

toyota e palette

The automaker has partnered with Pizza Hut, Uber, Mazda, Amazon and Didi for its new mobility platform.

The company showed off the first prototype on stage and will debut a model in 2020 at the Olympics.

“[E-Palette is] a platform that will be the backbone for mobility-as-a-service, for autonomy, for car-sharing, for any number of services that we want to make possible,” Toyoda said.

“Our competitors no longer just make cars. Companies like Google, Apple and even Facebook are what I think about at night, because, after all, we didn’t start off making cars either,” he said.

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