A programmer and visual artist named David Kraftsow, has come up with an interesting project. Known as YouTube Artifact – @youtubeartifact – it is a Twitter bot that generates ‘Glitch Art’ out of the occasionally hiccups produced by YouTube’s MP4 motion compensation algorithm.

Depending on the nature of glitch, the results can be creepy or bizarrely beautiful. While talking to Engadget, Kraftsow said, “I think there is definitely something people find appealing in the unpredictability of the output… and i do think it’s interesting that the artifacts strike people as painterly.”

Kraftsow has made the bot to search for specific YouTube videos, like vlogger videos and makeup tutorial videos.

“It searches YouTube for videos based on a convoluted set of parameters I’ve set up to find the videos that work best with the effect,” he said.

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