United Airlines has been in news for a vile violation of human dignity, after they had aviation police officers forcibly drag a passenger off a flight. The incident quickly went viral – thanks to the social media – and caused a storm of anger on Twitter. But as spotted by TheNextWeb, some of the negative tweets about United Airlines were mysteriously disappeared.

Numbers of users tweeted that their negative tweets criticizing United Airlines’ behavior have been vanishing – and nobody knows why.

Here’s some of the chatter complaining mysterious disappearance of the tweets:


Twitter recently made a policiy of hiding tweets containing offensive messages from showing up in other people’s timelines, but deletion of tweets goes against the company’s rules.

What’s even more confusing is the fact some of the initial tweets exposing United Airlines’ abusive treatment of are still very much present and actively being re-tweeted.

TheNextWeb contacted some of the users who claimed their tweets were deleted and some of them confirmed this was indeed the case.