Ever come across a tweet which you like and want to save for an in-depth inspection later, but you just like it or DM it to yourself because there is no other way to save that tweet? Well that’s about to change. Twitter has finally started to develop “Save for Later” feature, a bookmarking tool that allows you to save the tweets for later.

Twitter product manager Jesar Shah announced the development on Twitter and also posted a quick demo of the prototype they created at the company’s annual Hack Week activities.

As the demo shows, Twitter, apparantly plans to replace the “send via DM” icon on the bottom right portion of tweets with an overflow menu. The new menu will house both the “share via DM” and the upcoming “Add to Bookmark” features. All the tweets added to Bookmarks can then be accessed through a list in settings.

‘Save for Later’ could be a life saver as it’s one of the most anticipated and requested feature, that could also save users from headache of liking or sending tweets to themselves.

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