Tweetstorm, even if you aren’t familiar with the term, you have probably done it while sending a bunch of tweets on one single topic. Tweetstorms are basically “Threads” on Twitter, which are the only solution to express your thoughts on the platform when you have only 140 characters to use.

You can start a tweetstorm by simply tweeting and then replying to that tweet in succession. While it’s fairly easy to do that already, company is looking to make it even easier with a new feature it’s testing in its Android app.

A user who goes by the alias Devesh Logendran discovered that Twitter is testing a built-in tweetstorming feature, which automatically splits text up into individual tweets, with a tweet count at the end.

Twitter refused to comment, but hopefully it’ll arrive on the platform’s mobile apps sooner than later. And once arrived, users wouldn’t have to worry about a broken sequence, or people replying to their story before they’ve finished telling it.

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