Uber has finally given users the ability to delete their own account.

This new option — which is expected to roll out in the next few weeks — comes in the wake of #DeleteUber, where dozens if not hundreds of users got rid of their accounts following numerous scandals. While doing that, they discovered deleting your Uber account was frustratingly difficult.

Till now, the only way to delete an Uber account was to email Uber support. Which was unnecessarily complicated and uncomfortable — and also seemed harsh telling people who run the company that you want nothing more to do with them.

The company has now made a deletion program called “Dear John” which gives users the option to delete their Uber accounts from the app. Users will also be able to delete any contacts they may have uploaded to the app. Uber will still keep users’ data for 30 days in case they change their mind.

In near future, Uber users will also see updates to their notifications center, choosing which specific kinds of notifications they want to receive and how. They’ll also be able to find their location-sharing options more easily.

You can now hide your location when requesting an Uber ride