WhatsApp is becoming the first social platform that is going to give its users the ability to recall sent messages; and as well as deleting them.

The much-awaited feature will allow users to delete a message from the receivers phone if it is yet to be read. The delete function is currently being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp’s next update, along with the ability to edit send messages that haven’t been read.

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With these edit tools, WhatsApp is also testing a new cool feature that could make it a lot easier to coordinate meeting a group of friends.

New feature that is called Live Location Tracking is being tested that will let users send friends their moving location so that they can find one another more easily.

The feature will allow users to show their movements to friends within a group chat. They can opt to share their moving position for a limited time of one, two or five minutes.

Along-with these, WhatsApp is also testing the ability to reply to status messages, as well as shaking your phone within a conversation to contact WhatsApp and report spam.

That’s many new great features coming at once. Last year, WhatsApp tested out Video Calling feature; later it also announced the edit images tool just like Snapchat.