End of the year 2016 is near and we are only a week away until the sun of 2017 rises. With the end of this year, major websites have been releasing their list of most watched, seen or read content. YouTube also revealed a list of most watched top 10 videos of this year.

Wikipedia has also revealed its most popular articles of 2016, ranked by the number of edits made over the course of the year. They offer a reminder of what year 2016 has been, mostly about the U.S elections and deaths of the famous superstars.

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Wikipedia lists hundreds of its most-edited articles, but here are the Top 10, with the number of edits written right next to each of them:

  • Deaths in 2016 (18230)
  • Donald Trump (8933)
  • List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements (6527)
  • United States presidential election (6162)
  • Republican Party presidential primaries (5715)
  • 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting (5540)
  • Bailando 2015 (5342)
  • List of Donald Trump presidential campaign endorsements (5328)
  • 2016 in sports (5277)
  • 2016 in South Korean music (5074)

Deaths and the U.S Elections

As the list shows, 2016 has been about the U.S elections, Donald Trump and the deaths. We lost many stars this year including Mohammad Ali, Prince and Abdul Sattar Edhi. Tragedies have been the major headline of this year and that’s why the “Deaths in 2016” takes the lead.

Rest of the Top 10 are mostly occupied by the U.S politics. With Donald Trump winning the presidency and Hillary Clinton losing, it isn’t surprising that the articles related to them were viewed and edited most of the times.