Microsoft caught PC gamers’ attention when it announced that it would be introducing a performance-boosting Game Mode in the Windows 10 upcoming Creators Update. But users’ won’t have to wait long: the latest preview build of the Operating System lets you try out the feature right now.

Idea behind this game mode is to re-prioritize computer’s CPU and GPU resources to maximize the gaming performance. Computer will give less priority to the background tasks and more time devoted to the game.

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In other words, a Personal Computer is becoming more like a console with Windows 10 – and that’s actually a great thing for the gamers.

Windows 10 Game Mode Explainer:

In an interview with PC Gamer, Microsoft says it will bias GPU cycles to game, and make sure that users CPU performance isn’t inhibited by competing background tasks.

Kevin Gammill from the Xbox team says “essentially what we’re doing with Game Mode is allocating a number of threads that will be for the game only, and the rest of the threads for the system only.”

Game Mode will keep frame rates high and consistent, so that users don’t get a random performance drop whenever a background application decides to kick in.

Image via: Thenextweb

How to activate the Game Mode?

Game Mode can be activated by two different ways. First method is that there’s a new ‘Games’ section in Settings, where users can toggle it on or off. Microsoft is also building a white-list of games approved to use the feature.

Alternatively, users can press ‘Win+G’ while a game is running. That will open the game bar, from which users can slick the Settings button and activate Game mode manually for that title.