At its Build event, Microsoft has been announcing some pretty cool tools for Windows 10. One of the features announced is Windows Timeline. A cross-device work feature, which will let you pick up where you left off across PCs, phones, and tablets.

Thanks to Cortana integration, Windows will now be able to keep track of the user’s app history in a special section called Timeline. When users select an app on the Timeline and open it, the app will open to where they left off.

Windows Timeline.

The feature doesn’t just work on PCs. Users will also be able to open apps they were using on iOS or Android devices. For example, if you close your computer while viewing a particular app, Cortana will pop up on your phone or tablet and ask you if you want to “Pick Up Where You Left Off.”

Microsoft has been experimenting with similar features before. In Edge, you can currently resume sessions across multiple Windows 10 devices. Microsoft will also leverage Cortana with Timeline to prompt Windows 10 users to pick up sessions intelligently.

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