Google‘s been known to introduce new features from time to time, specially in its video sharing YouTube app. In the company’s latest server-side test, videos in the YouTube’s mobile app are now playing automatically.

People at Android Central are the first one to notice the change. At the app’s home page, when scrolling through, videos start playing automatically with overlay subtitles and no audio. The video starts from the beginning and appears to play all the way through.

> YouTube tests ‘Activity’ tab for shared videos and notifications

Image: Android Central

The feature is much like Facebook’s video auto-play, but a lot less intrusive as there is no audio involved and the subtitles are used instead.

Auto-play feature can also be turned off by going to Account -> Settings -> General and then toggling off ‘Play as you browse’ button. The feature is currently in beta testing, so only few selective users are seeing the change.

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