HDR or High Dynamic Range videos and the video playback has been the next big thing for quite some time, but most people have yet to experience it. For now, the HDR content is fairly limited, and so is device compatibility. There haven’t been enough devices to show HDR off.

Samsung’s ill-fated Galaxy Note7 was the first phone to support the YouTube HDR, but for obvious reasons, only handful of people got to experience it. Its successor, the Note8, as well as the Galaxy S8 and S8+ support it too, and it seems YouTube’s HDR videos is now coming to other devices as well.

Image: Android Police

As noticed by few¬†Reddittors, the option to play YouTube HDR videos is now available for the Samsung’s Galaxy S8s, while The Verge reported that Note8 has also gained the ability. After the premium Samsung devices, Google is also rolling out the feature to its Pixel devices, LG V30, and the Xperia XZ Premium.

The roll-out, though, hasn’t been without issues. Some users are reporting that full-screen isn’t working with the new feature enabled, while the frame rate drops and stuttering problems also occur at 1440p. Other users point out that the brightness turns up automatically when the phone is in landscape mode, while watching the HDR video.