A year after it was announced that the YouTube was testing a new lighter and a more minimalist website design, the company has announced that it’s allowing everyone to preview its new site design.

The website’s new design is way more cooler, easy and slick, and it is based off the UI and design language Google created to give Android a modern look and feel.

New homepage design.

“We don’t want the UI to distract,” Fred Gilbert, Head of User Experience at YouTube, told Mashable during an early preview of the website redesign last week. “It should always be about the content.”

Gilbert says the company went through great lengths to make it easier to discover more videos.

Anyone can try the new look out, but if you don’t like it you can easily opt-out and revert back to the old design.

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Channel homepage.

The world’s largest video sharing platform is now less distractive, thanks to the blue video title links getting toned down to black, sidebar menus getting cleaned up, and the YouTube logo and the search bar in the upper left being much smaller.

Dark mode.

With that, YouTube is also introducing the site’s new Dark Theme, which was actually discovered last month. The dark mode swaps out white for black and is way easier on the eyes at night.

You can try the new design out, right now by clicking HERE.